Peer says Britain must brace for the arrival of 5G

A senior Peer has said that Britain needs to ensure it makes the necessary preparations for the introduction of a new 5G network.

Lord Adonis, who heads up the National Infrastructure Commission, said this week that the nation needed to be ready for an increase in the mobile phone transmitters which are essential for delivering the next generation of services.

The 5G network is all set to be launched in South Korea in two years’ time; with the technology being brought into use to coincide with the 2018 Winter Olympics being staged in Pyeongchang.

At this stage however, it’s not expected that the service will be available in the UK until the start of the next decade.

The arrival of the new mobile internet service is greatly anticipated, with hopes that it will facilitate new technology and lead to significantly faster service – experts claim that the 5G network will be so efficient that an individual will be able to download a full-length HD film in a matter of a few seconds.

Inevitably the system will offer real advantages to businesses and Lord Adonis has said that the UK cannot afford to be caught off guard, although he conceded that the introduction of 5G would pose real challenges.

“We will need new transmitters all across the country,” he said. “We will need the right regulation so that the market is allowed to flourish and we will need to ensure that the UK has the skills not only to deploy the infrastructure but to make use of it.

“5G has the potential to shape our world in ways that are completely unknowable today. [It] will spur innovations and industries we cannot even imagine.”

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