New generation of workers place great store by workplace technology

A new report has suggested that businesses which fail to keep pace with new technology risk losing out on talent.

The Future Workforce Study surveyed almost 4,000 members of staff working at companies around the world.

One in five of the UK contingent said they would walk away from their jobs if they had to deal with technology which wasn’t up to standard.

Around a quarter of respondents indicated that the equipment at their current place of work was not of the quality they’d like.

“The reality is that technology is really, really important; seven in ten millennials would consider the technology before they would take a role,” said Dan Grant, the HR director of computer giant Dell, who conducted the research.

“Employees’ expectations are changing, and employers need to keep pace with those changing expectations.”

The report also touched on how an increasing awareness of technology was making flexible working a reality in many workplaces.

Explaining the trend, Mr Grant said: “The [employees] love the fact that they haven’t got the commute, they love the fact that that’s time back to them.

“They’ve got the cost back, it’s carbon-neutral, it’s green, so people like the fact that there’s an awful lot of benefits to working remotely.”

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