How going wireless with App2Chat will benefit your business

By downloading App2Chat you can have a landline presence on the move, allowing you to maintain your business’s reputation, privacy, and security.

There are many positives to cutting the cord on your traditional telephone system and giving your business the wireless treatment. Some of the main perks of App2Chat are:


Ultimately, communication is key in a professional environment. Being able to quickly connect with colleagues and clients makes a huge difference to the functionality of the workplace.

Many businesses have employees who are often out of the office, scattered around large headquarters or working from home. Having a wireless communication system allows these individuals to communicate amongst each other harmoniously.


Modern businesses have fully embraced the digital age, with employees from all fields and industries being encouraged to go out and meet their customers and network with like-minded professionals.

App2Chat allows you to remotely achieve day to day tasks without being strapped to a desk. What’s more is it does not impact on data usage or incur any data charges – making it one of the most cost effective systems on the market!


Our unique solution gives users the freedom to roam whilst still be able to deal with work matters. This increased productivity means that queries can be dealt with a lot quicker.

The productivity doesn’t stop on our end either. Our simple set-up process allows users to be up and running in less than 60 seconds and keep their own mobile and network provider.